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The 1903 American Team

RACE FACTS: THE TEAMS THE 1903 Gordon Bennett Cup race brought to Ireland the world’s fastest road vehicles and 12 of the greatest daredevil drivers of their day.

THE AMERICANS, driving both Peerless and Winton cars all failed to complete the 1903 Gordon Bennett Cup Race. Driver Percy Owen made the best attempt staying the pace for five laps. Teammates Alexander Winton and Louis Moores never got past lap four and one respectively.

During their stay the American visitors became universally popular because of the consideration which they showed to every member of the travelling public that they encounter on the road, and the entire absence of anything approaching “side” – a failing which more than any other gives strong offence to the good-natured and warm-hearted Celt.

The Course Organisers received communications from different quarters referring to the friendly feelings which “the Winton cars” have inspired during their tours through the various sections of country neighbouring the course. In one case the occupants are stated to have promptly dismounted on the occasion of a slight collision and paid handsome compensation to the owner of an injured vehicle. This certainly contrasts with the action of motorists who, after killing animals that came in their way in Naas district, careered wildly off with the evident desire of avoiding inquiries.














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